Our Story

Named after the Hebrew word which means “Loved by God”, it is in Ahavia Lounge Spa’s interest to offer the love, care, and nurturing inspired by the higher being.

Ahavia Lounge Spa’s love for the health and wellness industry fuels its passion for fostering optimum health through conventional and contemporary spa wisdom. By treating its clients with complete care and utmost attention to its highest degree, Ahavia guarantees excellent service with great value for money. Thus, clients leave its premises with a sense of fulfillment and joy in their choice and experience.

Ahavia is attuned with the ancient belief of living in balance with the rhythms of nature, while understanding a person’s unique combination of elements and individual needs as dictated by today’s challenging times, such that its services are accustomed to adopting time-honored techniques while adapting to the requirements of its varying customers.

This commitment to expertise and deep understanding sets Ahavia Lounge Spa in a genre of its own, as it aims of capturing the world-wide market with this distinction of high-quality service and high-value offerings that has become its identity.

Partner With Us

Attuned to Ahavia Lounge Spa’s vision of nurturing the growth of the health and wellness industry through excellence and world-class distinction, the spa is open to share its business to interested parties. With a comprehensive, convenient, and cost-friendly investment package matched by an identity of supreme service, performance, and success, discover how you can grow with the country’s most dynamic health and wellness hub.